Great Experiences of Diving in Bimini

Great Experiences of Diving in Bimini

Great Experiences of Diving in Bimini – Diving shows great beauty of marine lives. Great view of underwater in the sea can be seen clearly. Earth also has vast area of seas and oceans so it means that there are many diving spots that can be found. One of them is Bimini. Bimini is part of Bahamas island chain. Its location is in the area of north Atlantic and the area is also part of Caribbean Sea, especially around the area of Bimini. This is one of the best diving spots in the world. The main reason that makes it so popular is its status as the shark capitals in Caribbean. There were only some shark capitals in the world with great beauty, and Bimini is one of the best. As its name shows, shark capital means that it is area full of sharks. Bimini are divided into two main islands, and it is the north and south Bimini. The position of Bimini is very unique in Atlantic Ocean so it is possible to find Gulf Stream in the Bimini water. This makes it great house of many species of sharks. Thus, scuba diving will be beyond ordinary. What you are going to see are many sharks and these are something special that cannot be found easily in other diving spots.

One of the special occasions that you can see is to watch the hammerhead sharks. The hammerhead sharks are unique type of sharks with its head shape that looks like a hammer. This is type of sharks that will be hard to find in other places, but you can find them easily in Bimini. Even, you can see them swimming in shallow water so you do not need to dive deeply into the water. The sharks can reach size of 6 meters so it is quite huge. Its unique shape will be easy to recognize and it makes scuba diving in Bimini so precious. When you really want to see these unique sharks, you can visit Bimini around December to March every year. In addition to hammerhead sharks, you can find tiger sharks, bull sharks, and black-nose sharks. The island becomes great ecosystem for sharks. It has mangrove area that will be safe place for the shark juveniles and they will swim into the sea once they grow bigger. In addition to vast variations of sharks, you can find dolphins, turtles, and other kinds of marine lives. Then, you can find great chances to explore many different spots and landscape in Bimini.

One of the interesting areas is Bimini reefs. Reefs are in great constellation and the area is quite large. The popular spots are the Victory Reef and Tuna Alley. You can spend your time exploring the reef area of Bimini and you can find many beautiful marine lives living around the corals and reefs. The reefs are like large walls in the ocean and these create great ecosystems for many fishes. Around the reef and corals, you can see reef sharks swimming and exploring the area. There can also be occasions to see the hammerhead sharks. Other fishes are Bluefin tuna that frequently seen during March and May because it is the time of migration for the tuna. There are wahoo, mahi mahi, and even turtles swimming around the reefs. The views are totally beautiful.

Next area is Bull Run. Bull Run becomes one of the favorite spots in Bimini. However, mostly it is available in a form of cage diving. The cage diving is provided to give divers better security in exploring the view under the sea. The main reason is related to sharks. Compared to other area, Bull Run has higher possibility of meeting sharks and this can be quite dangerous so it is better to have cage diving for protection and safety. Bull sharks are the most common sharks to find and there are lemon sharks and the blacktips sharks. Bull sharks may not be so huge, but it is quite aggressive and it is rare occasion to see the sharks. Even, the bull sharks love to swim in shallow water and even fresh water or rivers.

Next great spot is the Bimini Wrecks. As its name shows, you will see wrecks of ship. This is special occasions that cannot be seen easily in other spots. What you are going to see is wreck of The Sapona. It is ship from 1911. The ship was built in that year by Henry Ford. The ship was from the era of World War I. To see and explore the wreck, you do not need to swim too deep. It is quite shallow and later you can dive and swim around the exterior and even interior of the ship. You will not be disappointed of what you are going to see. Marine lives, wrecks that show glory of its ship in the past and other great views are great things to experience at least once in life. There are still other great spots to find in Bimini diving area. .