Some Great Spots to Explore in Bimini

Some Great Spots to Explore in Bimini

Some Great Spots to Explore in Bimini Marine live will always make people excited and even astonished. Underwater view below the sea and ocean is like different world and there are many excitements that can be seen. That is why people love diving. The great news is that the world has many diving spots and each of them offers different views to enjoy. Within the large seas and oceans, wonderful beauties can be found and one of them is Bimini. This is interesting spot between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea. This is one of the beautiful places in the world and you should try diving in Bimini once in a lifetime. You will not regret your decisions.

Bimini is surely special spot in the world. This is located on the area of Bahamas islands. As for Bimini itself, it is special and even it is called as one of the best shark capitals in the world. Shark capital is term to call water area where sharks can be seen quite easily. It is like home and ecosystem of the sharks. Thus, you do not need to get surprised with what you are going to see when you dive in the area of Bimini water. It is not just single species of sharks. But you will find many species of sharks. There are black-tip sharks, bull sharks, reef sharks, and even the tiger sharks. Then, the most special and spectacular encounters are the great hammerhead sharks. This is one of the most unique sharks in term of its physiology appearance. It has iconic head in a form of hammer and it works as its sensor to hunt and swim in the sea. The hammerhead sharks are quite difficult to see, but you can find them quite easily in Bimini water. The ecosystem of sharks can live well because Bimini has area of mangroves and these become place for the shark juveniles to grow before they swim freely in the sea. Thus, it has complex ecosystem and these are very special.

Bimini has many interesting areas. The whole diving spot is divided into different areas depending on the characteristic. One of them is the Bimini reef. As what you can see from its name, you will see natural reefs that become great wall in the sea and it also becomes nice ecosystem of various corals. Fishes live around the corals and reef structure. When the reefs are too large to explore in limited time, you can go to Tuna Alley and Victory Reef. You can find many kinds of fishes and of course the sharks. This is the right spot when you want to see hammerhead sharks because they are often seen swimming freely in the area. there are also reef sharks because it is the best ecosystem for them to live. Then, the special occasion is to see the Bluefin tuna. During March and May, the tunas migrate to this area and it is one of the special encounters. Turtles and other fishes are also able to be found around the reef.

Next spot is the continental shelf. This is the right spot when you are curious about Gulf Stream that exists and occurs in Bimini. The stream flows to the Atlantic and it is special encounter. However, you should be ready to dive deep enough into the water. It is because the spot is dedicated for those who want to see the depth of sea and its gulf stream is found around 40 meters below the water surface. Thus, you need to be ready and skillful to dive although the scuba equipment will serve well as supporting gears to handle the obstacles.

Then, there is area called as Atlantis Road or Bimini Road. It is called this way because when you dive into the water, you can see parallel formation of rocks and these are like roads that lead you to somewhere special under the water. Based on the legend, it is the road that can lead people to the Atlantis, the Lost City known for its legend of great civilization. Of course, these are legends and you can try to walk or swim along the roads to see the majestic view of its road.

If you love challenges and extreme experiences, you can try the Bull Run spot. This is interesting spot although you should know what you are going to see before diving. Normally, Bull Run spot is type of cage diving. It means that you are going to dive inside a cage. The cage is form of protection and it is to increase security as you dive into the water. You need protection because Bull Run is the famous area of bull sharks. There can be black-tip and lemon sharks, but the stars of the area are bull sharks. This type of shark is known for its aggressiveness so you will never know when you are going to get attacked. It will be dangerous when you have no cage to protect you. That is why you need the cage as you enjoy the view under the sea.